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  1. well, it's almost been a month! Time flies when you're having fun.... and I have been! The many years of waiting was DEFINITELY worth it. You are everything I ever thought I wanted... AND MORE! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to be able to go to sleep snuggled up with you every night and wake you up with kisses every day. I LOVE YOU!!

  2. 6 days to impact, baby!!!!
    Soon our dream of finally being together will come true. You are absolutely everything I could've ever hoped for. I'm thankful to have found you and SO look forward to spending each and every second of the rest of my life with you. I love you endlessly, baby!!

    XOXOXOXOX Your Wife

  3. I have always told those I care about they are forgiven before they ever fuck up. It is called love. More so Unconditional Love. When I say something you generally can take it to the bank as fact! And yet it goes in some peoples ears and out the other. I put myself out there for those who really matter to me. Almost like being naked for the world. No armor No Protection. And I really trust those people. But then it is like some of them decide to take it for granted and take that as a weakness. Sometimes I think I am foolish to believe all that is said to me in the moment by some. Why would someone actually want me to be a dad? Really? What makes me so special? Why me? But then in the heat of a moment they take it all back. Like a knife in the heart that is. This will pass just like time. And she is forgiven before the words left her mouth. It still does not remove the bitter taste left behind. Almost like a snakes venom it strikes at the heart. And yet they want to hurt them self to make be feel better? How does that fix things? What does that ever fix? Anyways there is my confusion. And with that I will close for now. Broken hearted and exposed, Me
  4. Trouble in paradise. Well now the truth comes out. I am merely a convenient dad. Today I was cut deep. Sadly someone just does not get that "Sorry" does not cut the pain off. Words can sometimes hurt worse than physical. I love her and what is sad is I question that she loves me now. My fear is becoming reality ... Someone walking away from me. Time will tell 😞
  5. Ugh 16 and a day's and it seems like 1 million years away still. So close yet so far away. Every minute eats at my soul. Time can not move fast enough. And yet there is not enough time to make everything perfect for her arrival.
  6. a little over 2 weeks.... and you're ALL MINE!!

    Love you, baby!

    1. Lorac

      King Lorac

      I Can hardly wait til you Cum home baby and you are mine ALL MINE AND NO ONE ELSES!!!!!




    What's the best gift I could, Birthday Wishes For Husband

    Mwwwahh! Love ya!!!


  8. a final note to this post... In setting up like this, this will allow for easy implementation of new services on the fly. which means .. more services to you the community.
  9. Hello folks, This is going to be a wall of words so be warned! By now you probably have noticed the new donation goal. and you are now asking WTF why do we need a new server. The simple answer is its cheaper in the long run. However there is more benefits to the new server. Yes I said Server not servers. This is where things get cheaper going down to 1 server. Our current set up is we have 2 servers each costing $114.00 and a mid point load balancing bridge which costs $57.00 This is the Actual cost every month. I dont bring up the $57 because that was my choice of linking the servers and syncing them real time. But with time Tech evolves. Okay so what that mean? and how does this help us? Instead of 2 servers on each side of the world we will be running as a cluster server. What the hell you talking about and what is a cluster server? Tradition servers are all housed in one box Cluster servers are basically micro powerhouses that are all linked to nodes where I can select a node in say Australia for one of the web servers. and game servers. This node takes its own resources and uses it as a complete server.. minus the storage However the magic is.. its not a complete server. It is just a piece of the server. it is a CPU Ram and multi High-speed communication ports Next it would connect to a box just for Large storage and hit the main cloud server. Now we would create a copy of the Australia node but this time Located in USA The same process would happen. it would connect to the Large storage and main cloud server. Now we have the same exact server in 2 locations with perfect Lat and also Fall over capabilities. We would create a slave node for both locations so if one fails or needs a little more get up and go it would ramp up. We would also place a node setup in optimum location in UK. and when we see other countries using our services we would expand to those areas. However here is the other thing. With this set up we can designate a new node to a spacific task IE Running Mail servers. Or running Linux for our git services. Or even Our patching service Or and MySQL servers. And these expansions do not cost extra as we are billed for storage and CPU Load vs a full bare metal server. What does that mean. Okay so ... we would be rolled into a package which in essence would have the available CPU power of 4 of the servers we have. Plus 10 TB Storage on a SSD Array. for roughly $50/75 less than the 2 servers in tandom so. This is where we would actually save money Now there IS a catch! There is a setup cost and this is why the goal is so high. I can cover part of it but I am going to need help with the rest of it. Just the performance boost alone would pay for itself. Okay so I have taken enough of your time and I am not holding my breath but I am holding hope. Thank you all for your time and I hope you all are safe and not doing stupid shit like going to malls,parks,beaches. Take time to care for yourself and others. Don't forget to tell the ones you love that you love them it might be your last chance, Lor ps have questions feel free to has here. I will leave thread unlocked for that purpose. Note the thread Will lock at 1am on the date of expire of goal.
  10. Lorac


    My personal album
  11. I am not sure what exactly happened that took us offline but it seems to be addressed with an apache update. Sorry for outage.. and hopefully this fixes the lag in forums also.
  12. Welcome to Ultracore Studios. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Anonymous

      King Anonymous

      Come out of hiding lil one.
      We would like to play a game. 

  13. Welcome to Ultracore Studios. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. It is with great sadness I need to make this announcement. Not just because the channel is going on standby for now but the fact that one of the family is in serious trouble with his health. So as of sunday we will be killing the stream as @Catacrunch is not able to keep it updated and fresh. This being said I will get with him and see if I can use his assets and Stream the channel on my channel during the weekends to keep the music alive. I think weekend streams would be good as people are mostly around during the weekend. So if he is good with it I will start stream say 1pm est friday for our fam across the pond and close the stream around 00:00 Monday morning. This all depends on if it is okay with Mr Catacrunch Streaming it on the weekends only will delay materials getting old fast. I will update this as soon as get word from Mr @Catacrunch He might reply who knows if he is up to it. With that said I will try to get set up to stream our new show on the radio fridays. Moz-B will be doing a 4 hour segment on fridays My delay on that will be the stream overlay for the show. I would like to set something up like HCF channel but my brain draws a blank when it comes to the creative juices. And with the master down and out... there will be no overlay any time soon.
  15. Welcome to Ultracore Studios. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.



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