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  1. It is with great sadness I need to make this announcement. Not just because the channel is going on standby for now but the fact that one of the family is in serious trouble with his health. So as of sunday we will be killing the stream as @Catacrunch is not able to keep it updated and fresh. This being said I will get with him and see if I can use his assets and Stream the channel on my channel during the weekends to keep the music alive. I think weekend streams would be good as people are mostly around during the weekend. So if he is good with it I will start stream say 1pm est friday for our fam across the pond and close the stream around 00:00 Monday morning. This all depends on if it is okay with Mr Catacrunch Streaming it on the weekends only will delay materials getting old fast. I will update this as soon as get word from Mr @Catacrunch He might reply who knows if he is up to it. With that said I will try to get set up to stream our new show on the radio fridays. Moz-B will be doing a 4 hour segment on fridays My delay on that will be the stream overlay for the show. I would like to set something up like HCF channel but my brain draws a blank when it comes to the creative juices. And with the master down and out... there will be no overlay any time soon.



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