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Showcase is one of our new Segments being added to the station

What is showcase?

Showcase is a show where we make the show completely about one of the Dj's who are part of our community/family.

The Slots are Not set in stone yet because we do not have much for some of the Djs yet.

But if you go to the scheduled shows tab on
http://radio.ultracorestudios.com it will provide you upto 24 hours notice.

It is only right to start showcase with the person who made this all possible D-Crypter.

This show will air on Weds 12/18/2019 @ 8am -5GMT

How long is this show?
This show is 7 hours 37 minutes

It will be like a Sunday Takedown for a single Dj

Weds 4:00pm -5GMT
Showcase: Dj Skyline will air
Run time 5h 55m

Thursday 2:30pm -5GMT
Showcase Dj Smurf will air 
Run time 5h 16m

This is a test run for the week and we will be adjusting the times for a more fluid schedule 

Eventually I hope to get with the Djs and do an Interview with them but this is down the road as I do not know if they will be game.

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